Natural Fencing
Natural Fencing

Our Materials / Why Natural?

Using natural materials accords with our ethos of honouring the environment. There is no needless destruction of trees because our wood is harvested on a rotating sustainable coppice basis. By using sustainable wood or reed, you are in fact safeguarding the woodlands or wetlands that provide you with their valuable materials.

The other advantages of using traditional organic materials are that they can give you a fluid line and interesting organic shapes, although bending some of our material takes real skill and strength, it is something impossible to achieve with machine cut timber.

Due to the unique character of each piece of wood we use, hurdles have natural gaps in them as you weave so that the wind can easily blow through them which is why they were traditionally so useful as barriers. Modern timber panels allow no such flexibility and as a result are not able to withstand the harsher conditions hurdles have been used to shelter animals from for centuries.

Each natural material has its own tradional use, and each owns a rich folklore and history, giving them their own distinct characters when worked with and used.