Natural Fencing
Natural Fencing

Our History/Philosphy

We have won three national environmental awards for our work.
The environment a driving factor in our work and consideration. We try and safeguard local forests, coppicing on a sustainable basis. Our work is seasonal and we only cut at appropriate times of the year to safeguard both the trees and the longevity of our products.

We support the regeneration of derelict coppice and safeguarding of our ancient woodlands which now sadly comprise less than one per cent of Britain’s countryside.

In our opinion, a beautiful garden or landscape is not uniform and machine made, it is organic, unique and will blend into the countryside seamlessly; not “imprisoning” its occupants but enhancing their natural space in a subtle way.

We eschew using hand made products which are works of art in themselves. We champion the revival of old crafts and skills that have sadly few practioners in today’s world of mass machine made production.

We guarantee you unique hand made products made with skilled craftsmanship and expertise.